Latest beta of PUBG Mobile brings ROCKET LAUNCHER!!!

Players Unknown Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG  being a battle royale game is one of the most trending games of the times. PUBG is available in platforms like Mobile, PC and other gaming console’s and the most popular one among is the PUBG MOBILE which is available in iOS and Android. As per the current stats, it shows more than 30Million live users globally which is a whopping number for a battle royal mobile game.

Latest beta of PUBG Mobile brings ROCKET LAUNCHER!!!

The game was launched last and showed tremendous growth in the graph. The addictive game takes attention and sits the users for hours in the gameplay. The Last man standing game can be played as a group of four, or a duo or even can be single. In a year the game released several updates including new Maps, Vehicles, Weapons and the last major update was the EVENT MODE, also known as the ZOMBIE mode. In this mode, they even introduce flame throwers for the zombies, and which is on;y available in the EVENT MODE.

Two new weapons including ROCKET LAUNCHER

Now, comes the latest addition, PUBG MOBILE ROCKET LAUNCHER. Fans of PUBG Mobile have been asking for a rocket launcher since quite some time now. It seems like the developers have finally heard them. With the new PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta which is being rolled out, developers aim to bring more weapons and enhancements to the game. There are reports of friendly spectate mode, new Zombie mode among other things.


Latest beta of PUBG Mobile brings ROCKET LAUNCHER!!!

The stable version is about to get two new weapons. The game, currently running on the 0.11.5 stable version, has an impressive roster of weapons. This firepower will increase exponentially in the new update with the launch of the RPG-7 weapon (rocket launcher). The other weapon to be introduced is an explosive crossbow, which can blow up enemies as well as their vehicles. The new weapons could be Zombie mode exclusives though.

A new Zombie mode coming in the event mode section

The Event Mode section of PUBG Mobile is all set to receive a ‘Zombie Adventure Mode’.As per the description, players will need to ‘Collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies at night. Survive until the rescue arrives to win!’This could be a nod to ‘Left for Dead’ style time-attack mode where players have to defend themselves against waves of Zombies.


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